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Hi Everyone,

The Adelaide Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club are scouting for the 2018 season, and if you want to join us then we want you to sign up and come out to some trainings and meet the club.

So who are the Blackhawks:

  • We're a club that recognises and rewards hard work on and off the ice.
  • We have a fantastic track record of producing Adrenaline (and beyond) players, and then gaining those players as mentors when they have finished their national and international commitments.
    • We want to keep developing players, with the goal of them going on to bigger things than just club hockey and then have you come back as a player/mentor coach.
  • We're here to have fun, but fun for a Blackhawk is also about training, improving and playing to the best of our ability with our mates.
  • We are a club that wants to develop our players, our coaches, our officials for the benefit of the club and Ice Hockey in South Australia (currently Blackhawk players are President of IHSA, on the C Grade Committee, coaching juniors, playing Adrenaline... and much more).

Simply fill in the form linked below to express your interest in joining the Blackhawks and we will get back to you and get you out to a shinny or training.

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