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Adelaide Blackhawk Committee member and A Grade Player Mike Gainer will be running for IHSA President next week in the IHSA AGM. Mike has been prolific in his work with the U21 League this year and approaches the committee with a platform for doing more for the development of youth hockey in South Australia (whilst still meeting the needs of the senior leagues and clubs).

"Hello everyone. I intend on running for President of Ice Hockey SA. I will endeavour to have a bigger focus on youth hockey, secure our future through having a plan towards a new venue while maintaining our current venue, increase participation, and put our best teams in for National Championships. In short I want SA to be the best state for Ice Hockey both on and off the ice!

Everyone player over the age of 18 is eligible to vote, but even if you are not over 18 would appreciate the support." Mike Gainer.

You need to be at the meeting to vote, so we'll see you there. 

Ice Hockey SA
(South Australian Ice Hockey Association Incorporated)
Annual General Meeting 2015
Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 16th February 2016,
At the VIP Room, Ice ArenA, 23 James Congdon Drive, Thebarton ...
Please be there by 7:00pm for the meeting to commence at 7.30pm.


1. Attendance and Apologies.
2. Minutes of 2014 Annual General Meeting.
2.1 Errors and Omissions.
2.2 Motion to adopt minutes.
3. Business Arising from Previous Minutes.
4. President’s Report.
5. Financial Report.
6. Election of Officer Holders.
6.1 President
6.2 Treasurer
7. Fees for 2016. web address:
8. General Business Post: PO Box 20, Woodville SA 5011




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