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It's a bit of a cliche but that is because it's true, good teams rely on good communication, as do good clubs. And one of the areas the committee identified as being a little weak in is our direct communications between Club and Members, and Coaches and Players.

To address this the committee investigated a few systems and have chosed to go with 

This website and phone based application has a number of key features that will assist the Blackhawks at Player, Coach and Club level:

  • Clear Communications - unlike facebook, where messages can be buried etc. or not everyone has access. The Club or Coach sends a message, it goes to the details you registered with and you can indicate if it has been read.
  • Games and Training Schedule - The Club can set shinnie (when we can get ice time), training and game times, and you can instantly say if you are attending or not via a Yes/No button.
  • Family support - we're a club focused on junior development, Teamstuff allows registered players to add an alternate email address once they are registered. So every notice that comes to the player, also goes to the parent (or partner for those of us older members who never know our schedules).
  • Our Coaches can use the CoachStuff application to update and monitor player development. We're even investigating how we can get players to cast votes at the end of each game for MVP.

The big thing for all Blackhawk Players and Members is that switching to a new systemtakes a bit of time, so in the interim we will still be using Facebook events and Teamstuff to promote club news, Tryouts, Shinnies and Trainings. However the plan is for all of those types of communications to switch solely to Teamstuff once our teams are announced post try-outs next year.

The link to join Teamstuff for Blackhawks is available via our Current Player Facebook page, and for players who have registered theri intent to play for the Blackhawks next season:


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