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What is the Mark Konrad Cup: This magnificent trophy has been donated by long time Club Member, Player, and Captain Mark Konrad. Mark has been a strong advocate of team culture and the pride successful players take in their club and their team. In his own words "To be a Blackhawk is a very special thing to me, and I feel a huge sense of pride everytime we meet in the changeroom, everytime we write up a teamsheet, everytime we put on our jerseys, and everytime we step on the ice as a team". What better way to promote that pride for your club than to actively recognise that in others, the Mark Konrad cup is for recognition of those who truly are Club orientated People and to be a Blackhawk Clubman is one of the highest honours the club can bestow on a member.

How is the Clubman determined: The Clubman award is to recognise the efforts of Players, coaches, managers, and board members who have made significant contributions to the Adelaide Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club. The charter for this award is that each year the Club Board assess who has contributed above and beyond what was expected of them on and off the ice (or both) to improve the standing of the club and fellow members. When reviewing potential recipients considerations are made around the following key areas:

  • Pride
  • Club Involvement
  • Leadership
  • Contribution
  • Mentoring people
  • Helping the club to grow
  • Passion
  • Effort
  • Love for the Club

Innaugral Winner of the Blackhawks Clubman Award - 2015 - Neil Boyle.

"Very Humbled tonight at the Blackhawks Ice Hockey Clubs 50th Anniversary Dinner and 2015 Awards Night held at the National Wine Canter to be awarded the inaugural Mark Konrad Cup for the Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club Clubman of the year. A lot of accolades where spoken about me and what I have achieved at the club as Senior Coach in the short time I have been a member but really a lot of the foundations had been laid many years ago by past club members and champions they just needed to be uncovered again to get the club back on track. I would also like to thank the A Grade team for their gift of purchasing my ticket to the event as a show of their appreciation as well as the clubs B1 side for letting me take over as team coach during the season and stepping up to the challenge and showing what they could do with just a little bit of direction, great effort guys." Neil Boyle, 17 October 2015


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