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Hi Fellow Blackhawks,

We just had our June Committee meeting and there are a few things that flowed out of that meeting that I'd like to share with you. I'll try to do this each meeting, so that all members are kept up to date with what is happening.
First off, Fee's. Pay up (in full or arrange a payment plan and stick to it) - paid up fee's let the committee do more for the club (upgrades, lower fee's next year, player sponsorship). But we can't commit funds we don't have in the... bank, I hope this doesn't have to be mentioned again.

  • Constitution and Club Rules - one of the main focuses of the committee is to get our club's constitution (how we run as a club) and by laws (how we act as members) updated and sorted. These guidelines are like a set of instructions, and for any task good ones are invaluable.
  • 50th Dinner - Vice President (Justine) has the action of coming up with a plan for this event to bring back to the committee by the next meeting. If you have some good ideas, please pass them along to her (she'll be on the look out for people to assist). 
  • Clubrooms makeover - Simon has the action on coming up with a plan to make the change-room tidier and more functional by the next meeting. Again, if you have constructive ideas or are a tradie with skills to offer then please contact him.

Finally, as a committee we meet on the first Wednesday of each month and we welcome all members to attend and listen to how things run and contribute as invited. Please contact our Secretary (Barry) if you would like an invite to the next meeting.


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