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Fellow Blackhawks,

I want to thank outgoing President Antony Clarke for his work over the last 14 months as President; Antony (and his committee) leaves with our Blackhawks club in a solid financial position, and three great teams that have massive potential to develop over the coming season(s). Thank you.

I am proud and honoured to take on the role of President (albeit in a ‘casual vacancy’ capacity until the next Annual General Meeting) of the Adelaide Blackhawks. The 50th year is a special year for the club, and I look forward to hearing ideas from everyone about how we can make sure the celebration of this event is one to remember.

I step into this role with a few goals in mind, which obviously need to be aligned with the committee’s view on direction of the club; however I am happy to share them with you all:

  1. To ensure our processes, procedures and constitution are valid, transparent, and are working for us. 
    1. A bit of work now, will make it easier and more enjoyable for all club members to step up and serve their club as committee members.
    2. For information of all club members, the Blackhawk committee will meet monthly on the first Wednesday of each month.
  2. To be a club that future players want to play for, and current players want to support.
    1. This is more than just being a winning club (though in my experience that flows from these actions), this is about our culture, how we conduct ourselves on and off the ice, how we respect and support each other, and how we focus on improving as players.
    2. Part of this is recognising the efforts of players, coaches and club members, and as such I want us to find, present and display as many of our clubs trophies, awards and memorabilia as we can. It’s important to remember the past as we look to the future.
  3. To ensure that all our players have the opportunity to develop and grow in our club and in this sport.
    1. My idea of success in this area is that every A Grade player is working hard to be an AIHL option; similarly every B Grade Player is working as hard as they can to be an option for A Grade. 
    2. Not that we all have to play at the next level, but it gives us a target to strive for.

Finally, I’m relatively new to Ice Hockey, having only been involved in this sport since 2012, and as such I will rely heavily on the Blackhawk committee and your input as members. A conversation at the rink, email, or message via Facebook are generally the best ways to get hold of me, though I do add that please do not come to me with an issue if you aren’t also proposing a solution to that issue. I look forward to managing your suggestions into actions, and seeing you all on the ice be it at trainings, games or cheering you on from the stands.



Blackhawk Jersey Orders

Blackhawks Vice President, Justine, is currently putting together a list of who is interested in ordering jerseys and socks for 2015. To do this we are using the following link to capture your orders (please use this even if you have previously emailed/facebooked your requests):

Please read the FAQ's on the site as a few questions have been asked and answered already.




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