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The teams for the 2013 season have been selected by head coach Neil Boyle and the Blackhawks board, and rosters are listed below.

Teams have been selected based on the training sessions that have been held and your preference when registering online has been taken into account.

For those of you who are playing B Grade and have aspirations of joining the top level team in 2013, the A Grade Blackhawks team for 2013 will be based on performance. If a player is performing well in B Grade, they will be given the opportunity to play in the A Grade side when the opportunity is available.

Please also remember all positions are based on FULL, UP FRONT PAYMENT OF BLACKHAWKS FEES ($550 PER PLAYER) PLUS ANY OUTSTANDING AMOUNTS FROM PREVIOUS SEASONS ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31 2013.  Blackhawks banking details are available on the home page of the website.  If you wish to know if you have any outstanding amounts owing, please contact the club. The account will be checked on the first and second business days following that date - if your payment has not been made, you will not be elligible to play the first game.

Teams are also listed on the Teams & Players page of the website.  At this stage you will notice many details are missing from miost of your profiles - to update those, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and they will be updated ASAP.  We like the club to be welcoming, and everyone getting involved is a big part of that.


Luke Boyd
Tyson Boyd
Zach Boyle
Mitch Brekko
Troy Collins
Michelle Coonan (G)
Taka Kawasaki
Warren King
Andrew Kowalczuk
Mat Lothian
James Manna
Nicola Pau
Mark Williams
Fangzhou Zhao


Justin Brinkies
David Clark
Antony Clarke
Phil Collier
Mathieu Denis
Theodore Fabijan
Andrew Grice
Russell King (G)
Chris Kirby
Barry McConnery
Joshua Pfeiffer
Dan Ricciardi
Cameron Robertson
Mark Siddons
Nick Siebert (G)
Troy Strudwick
Garret Tanner
William Tassell
Felix Utama



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Blackhawks Fees EFT Details

Bank: Credit Union SA
Name: Adelaide Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club
BSB: 805 007 
Account #: 00182600

Please use your FULL NAME as a reference.